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In Paris February, 2008
This is the homepage on the academic activities of Prof. Dr. Yasushi Iguchi.
Prof. Dr. Yasushi Iguchi 

Guest Prof. and Researcher, 

  (April 2018~March 2019)  

LS  Volkswirtschaftslehre insbes. Sozialpolitik Faculty of Economics, Business and Law,  Friedrich-Alexander University  Erlangen-Nuernberg, Germany 

Room 30402,  3.OG, Ludwig-Erhard Building Findelgasse 7,  90402  Nuernberg, Germany  

TEL  +49-911-5302507  


Prof. Dr. Yasushi IGUCHI

School of Economics

Kwansei Gakuin University


May 2015- May 2017   Chairperson, the Organizing Committee of International Metropolis Conference 2016 in Aichi-Nagoya 


May 2013-May 2015  President of the Japan Association for Migration Policy Studies 



School of Economics, Kwansei Gakuin University,                                         1-155 Uegahara-Ichibancho662-8501 Nishinomiya, Hyogo-ken, Japan

E-Mail: iguchi@kwansei.ac.jp

+81-798-54-6434 (office)   


From 24 to 26 October 2016,  International Metropolis Conference 2016 in  Aichi-Nagoya was organized by the Kwansei Gakuin Team and successfully took place in with many participants from Canada, Australia, Germany and other Western countries as well as from Japan and other Asian countries.  The discussion was undertaken at global, regional, national as well as local levels to create mutual trust through migration, refugee and integration policies. 



2016/4/5 The Preparation for the International Metropolis Conference 2016 in Aichi-Nagoya is in the final stage.                                                  The final program of the International Metropolis Conference 2016 in Aichi-Nagoya was accepted by the Steering Committee of International Metropolis Project in Berlin on April 4-5 April, 2016.   

    The final program (August 10, 2016)  with the names of speakers and chairpersons in the plenary sessions are indicated on the page two of the new flyer in English.  

20160810 New flyer in English.pdf
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2015/05/02  The Organizing Committee of the International Metropolis Conference 2016 in Aichi-Nagoya has started.                          This is the first time to host this conference in Asia. The conference is not just for Japan but for Asia. Therefore, there should be the Organizing Committee, which consists of members not only from Japan, but also from Korea, China, the Philippines, and India as well as the United States and International Organization for Migration. For more details click here.


 2014/11/07  The Steering Committee of International Metropolis in Milan, Italy, made a decision that the 21st International Metropolis Conference in 2016 should be held in Aichi-Nagoya (Japan).  In this committee, Prof. Iguchi Y. made presentation for inviting this conference. The organizing committee will be established in the early 2015 in cooperation with Metropolis Asia. In detail, please visit   http://www.metropolisasia.org/. 


2013/12/1 The social security team of the Iguchi Seminar won a prize at the ISFJ Conference. Congratulations!


2011/07/01 New publication: Iguchi Y, "Economics of Intergenerational Conflict", Yachiyo Shuppan, (In Japanese),Tokyo